Friday, June 9

A recognition assembly started our day today. When we returned to class students had time to work on their Aztec, Inca, Maya project (due next Thursday!) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did our Daily Physical Activity and our appreciation circle. (Lots of appreciations in the bucket today!) Students then had time to work on their independent novel study (character sketches due next week!) After lunch, it was catch-up time for those that needed it and for those that didn’t it was maker space time. Lots of Makey Makey and Scratch projects happening around the room. There were also structures being built and lots of scroll signing.

Thursday, June 8

Reminder for people attending camp that any outstanding monies are due tomorrow! Thanks!

Daily Physical Activity and Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. The students then had time to work on their independent novel studies. After recess, the students had time to submit their plans for their section of the city. (Just a couple of groups left to complete theirs! Monday we start construction!) After lunch, we had our Canada 150+ Assembly and the kids that volunteered to do a part amidst our hectic schedule did an amazing job! Kudos to Mrs. Tratch too; she did an awesome job organizing this event and all the performers provided great entertainment to celebrate our country!

Wednesday, June 7

Reminder: Wear your Canadian pride tomorrow! Something with Canada on it… or something red! Assembly starts at 1:00 p.m. Canada 150+

The students started their day in French class. When they returned to class they had time to work on their independent novel study. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, they got into their groups and worked on the plans for their section of Geometrocity. After lunch, students had time to work on their socials. I have told them that their note taking time is over and they should now be using the outline to organize what they are going to say for the oral presentation. Some students have made up some index cards with these key points on it. Some students were even timing their oral presentation. We ended the day with the students involved in the Canada 150+ assembly practicing their parts and then students had time to work on their core competencies self-reflection hat will be going with their report cards.

Tuesday, June 6

The kids started their day working on their independent novel studies. (Some students also worked on getting their drama reflections in. There are a few more missing, please help ensure that these get turned in.) I also had the Canada 150 assembly people practice their parts for Thursday (1:00 p.m.) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we had the geometry quiz. (I think some students might have to re-do as there were many scores that showed that they either didn’t prepare or they don’t understand the terms. Scary when we have them building a city out of geometry.) We then headed outside where the half of the class that didn’t get a chance to play Ultimate had that chance and the other tossed the disc around. After lunch, we corrected the geometry quiz and the students worked in their groups planning their section of the city. We ended the day with our Health Education classes.

Monday, June 5

Class meeting started our day today. Students then worked on their drama reflections and their independent novel study. (Part II journal entry due tomorrow.) I also heard from the students that are reading a part of the Canada 150+ assembly (Thursday 1:00 p.m.) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, in Math, we corrected the geometry sheet and then students, in their groups, decided which of the nine sections that they will be working on. (Reminder: Geometry quiz tomorrow!) After lunch, we stayed outside for some additional play time ahead of us starting our Health Education classes on puberty.

Friday, June 2

It was a day of interruptions. We started the day with Daily Physical Activity that was interrupted for the school panorama photo. We then did a wrap up of our drama production; we celebrated with cookies. We then did our appreciation circle and then the kids had time to work on their independent novel study. (by next Tuesday, their second journal reflection should be done and they should be over half finished their novel!) After recess, in Buddies, the kids heard the story The Royal Canadian Mounted Police by Marc Tetro and then worked on posters supporting the RCMP or the the Grade Sevens or Both. After lunch, students had more time to work on their independent novel study before we headed out to watch the basketball game. We ended the day with a little maker space time.

Thursday, June 1

I guess I will be seeing you all in an hour or less!

Our first performance of the day started our day off! The kids did a great job! After recess, the kids could work on either their geometry hand out (due Monday; quiz Tuesday!) or their independent novel study. I also handed out to the kids that wanted it, a part for the Canada 150 Assembly next Thursday, June 8 starting at 12:45? After lunch, we did our second performance of the day. The kids delivered another wonderful performance! I can’t wait until this evening! See you at 6:15 p.m. The students ended the day in French class.