Tuesday, December 5

From the day plan for the TTOC

We started the day with daily physical activity and circle of power and respect. Students then heard the legend of the Salmon People. They then recorded events of the story on their story web. They were told they could use words or pictures to recollect the major events of the story. They know that next week they will be sharing the story with their buddies. After recess, the grade fours left to write an assessment with Ms. Rutherford. The fives and sixes worked on their Math4today assessments and then their Albanesi cards. After lunch, they discussed the circulatory system and the heart. Using the HeartSmart Kids program. They did some slow meditation, and then after some sprinting, took their pulses each time- the students were surprised by the change. They then completed the body diagram on page 14. They ended the day in buddies where they shared Tumblebooks.


Monday, December 4

Purdy’s orders are due Wednesday.  Sto:Lo forms due Wednesday too.

We started the day with class meeting.  We then had our Sparkles the Elf auditions. While students were auditioning they worked on their clues.  Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we were very close to finishing the novel so that’s what we did.  We then headed to the gym wheee we played sledge hockey for PE.  After lunch, we finished the keywords and summaries for the Tutchone people.  We then did a read through of the skit before doing Math4today day 4 and Albanesi cards.


Friday, December 1

Important revised field trip form home today! (Sto:Lo field trip only $25! Refunds to follow for those that have already paid! Sorry for any inconvenience!)

We started the day with our appreciation circle. The students then completed the comment sections for their Albanesi reports. We then assigned roles for our reader’s theatre skit, Bob the Goofy Reindeer. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, the students were off to French and a final dance practice. After lunch, we had a dress rehearsal. The kids did a fantastic job! We then had some maker space time in the class while we waited to do our performance for the parents.

Thursday, November 30

Reminder: The dance performance for parents is tomorrow at 1:30. Wear black!

We started the day with our Circle of Power and Respect. We then did Math4today Day 3 and then the students worked on their Albanesi cards. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we had our passion time. I know that our field trip is on the same day as the due date of December 12th, but if a student is ready they can present the day before. After lunch, we had our dance instruction. We then worked on our clues for Sparkles the Elf and then the students ended their day in French class.

Wednesday, November 29

We started the day in the gym working on our dance. The parent performance will be on Friday at 1:30. The students are to wear black shirts and black pants. When we returned to class we started to work on our clues for Sparkles the Elf. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, the students worked on Math4today day 2 and then their Albanesi cards. After lunch, we continued to work with our key word strategy; this time with a different Indigenous group from the north of British Columbia. We then did a colouring map of the circulatory system. We coloured the arteries red and the veins blue.

Tuesday, November 28

Two notices home today! One for the field trip to the Sto:lo Longhouse in Chilliwack.(I know that there has been a lot of monies asked for over the last few weeks but remember that this is the year that we focus on British Columbia and we are trying to go on as many field trips as possible to take in all that we can. This is also the reason that we won’t be having an outdoor education experience this year. We understand that these field trips and camp would have been too heavy a financial burden for our families.)  The second notice was Kindergarten registration for siblings.

Also a plea; please go to the office and help us sponsor our six Christmas families this year! There are still 60 ornaments in the office that need to be taken!

We started the day with Language Arts where we decided on the route for Sparkles the Elf. Read aloud was up next. We then headed to the gym for our second dance instruction session. (Their homework was to know their three poses really well for tomorrow!) After recess, we did Math4today Week 6 Day 1 and then students worked on their Albanesi cards. After lunch, I was away at the volleyball tournament but the students still did Circle of Power and Respect and then in Science they tracked their heart rate and before and after exercise and then compared it to that of a bear.

Monday, November 27

Purdy’s Order Forms and Book Fair notice went home today!

We started the morning in the gym with the first of our dance sessions. When we returned to class we had our class meeting. We decided on Bob: The Goofy Reindeer for our skit for the Winter Assembly. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did the week assessment for Math4today and then the kids worked on Albanesi cards. In the afternoon, we did an integrated studies (Language Arts and Socials) looking at one of the aboriginal groups in British Columbia. Using the Keyword Summary we looked at the Tlingit. Then using the keywords we wrote a summary paragraph about the Tlingit.