Thursday, June 28

Today was the last day of school with the kids! It is a day of mixed emotions… excitement to start your summer vacation and fulfill all those summer plans and sadness because some people, regardless of how long you’ve known them, are moving on a.  I wish all of you a safe and happy holiday and I look forward to seeing you all in September!

We started the day with our Circle of Power and Respect and handing out of the scrolls and DVDs. We then were off to the assembly. After recess, we finished CPR and did our last appreciation circle of the year. After lunch, we had some some maker space time and then it was time to say farewell until next time.


Wednesday, June 27

Reminder:  Parents are welcome to attend tomorrow’s Year End Assembly starting at 9:00 a.m. (it should end around 10:00 ish)  or students can be picked up at 1:30 p.m.

A special edition of Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. We shared about what we liked about the year and our hopes for the summer. We then looked at some amusement parks before hearing the rest of the book summaries. After recess, WE CLEANED! Wow did we ever! After lunch, we watched the Breadwinner. Most of the kids and I agree that the book was so much better!


Tuesday, June 26

Reminder: Big bag for tomorrow’s desk cleaning!

Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. We then did an art activity involving Vivaldi’s Four Seasons before heading down to the park for our BBQ! We had a great time… playing bocce, soccer, tag, exploring…. we headed back to the school where we had our last buddy class of the year. Wordsearch, Chewie fortune teller, a story (Happy Dreamer) and ice cream sandwiches were all involved!

Monday, June 25

Reminder: Please do not bring lunch tomorrow… snacks, water bottle, sunscreen and a desire to have fun!

Remember to bring a bag for cleaning out your desk on Wednesday!

Class meeting started our day today. Students then had time to write on scrolls or work on work they need to finish. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we put our catapults into use trying to catch marshmallows in their mouths. It was a lot of fun! After lunch, we saw a passion project on India and then we did our encouragement speeches. Daily Physical Activity was up next and we ended the day doing individual novel study book presentations.

Friday, June 22

Today was Rube Goldberg Presentation Day! The kids did not disappoint; the projects were well done and fun to watch! We started with a final set up and testing before presenting to ourselves. We then presented to Ms. Pope’s and Ms. Herrick’s classes  before going to visit Ms. Herrick’s class before recess. After recess, the students were off to French. After lunch, we presented to Mrs. Champagne’s, Ms. Kim’s and Ms. Butler’s classes. We then had some clean-up and reflecting time before we had some catapult repairs before going to Ms. Pope’s and Ms. Kim’s classes to see their projects.

Thursday, June 21

Reminder: Tomorrow is the carnival. Also Tuesday is our Class BBQ… no lunch required for Tuesday!

Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. Students then had time to work on any of various assignments that are due. After recess, we continued with work time. After lunch, we had a passion project presentation on Roblox. The students ended the day in French class.