Monday, June 12

The students started their day with time to work on their Aztec, Inca, or Maya project. (Reminder that this is an oral presentation about 2 minutes that is due this Thursday 15th. You can have index cards but not to read from; speak from your heart about the topic!) We then had our class meeting. We talked about doing a special song with other classes at the school for the final assembly. We then practiced that song! Students then had time to work on their independent novel studies. (Character sketches due tomorrow! We also talked about the fact that even though the dates seem far off they should really try to have their novel studies completed by this week! With camp next week there won’t be a lot of time to complete the work!) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, in Math, students had time to start to construct their portions of the Geometrocity. (We have made an exception for the odd shaped nets that we don’t have like an octagonal net (instead they could have a sign that incorporates an octagon or a pond in the shape of an octagon for example.) After lunch, we had a little time to play purple ball before we returned to class and the students went to their respective health classes.


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