Wednesday, May 31

I hope that everyone gets a good sleep ahead of our performances tomorrow! (8:45, 12:45 and 6:30)

The students started their day in French class where they learned about Samuel de Champlain and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. When they returned to class they had time to work on their independent novel study. (Like I said earlier it is becoming more independent as the time to work on it in class dwindles.) After recess, we finished off the 16 geometric terms (that there will be a quiz on next week) and then some students started to identify shapes and 3-D objects and some even started their map of the school. (The peace garden is the substitute for the cafeteria.) After lunch, the students had time to work on their Aztec, Inca or Maya project (again I said that the note taking time should be wrapping up and now they should be using their sheet to try to organize their thoughts. We then did Daily Physical Activity and then we headed over to the gym where we practiced our three weaker songs and a couple of other issues before we headed outside to make up some of the missed PE time from yesterday.


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