Tuesday, May 30

Please practice the songs… especially the Gotta Have an Introduction, Working Out and Style Reserve!  Also practice your lines with somebody else so you not only know them but when you should be saying them! Again Thursday showtimes… 8:45. 12:45. and 6:30.


Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. We then headed to the gym where we did our first practice on the stage. After recess,  we read the story Up the Creek and Walk on the Wild Side by Nicolas Oldland. The kids then made their selections for potential cabin mates. They also made selections for what they would like to do in PE in June. We then started our look at Geometrocity, a geometry unit that will have the kids building part of a city. We then started the unit by brainstorming “city” words and then looking at  building and identify the geometric terms that they saw in the building. After lunch, we did another rehearsal on the stage in the gym. We ended the day starting to define a variety of geometry terms.


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