Tuesday, May 16

Reminder: Please keep those camp forms coming. Remember it’s just the form that is due on Friday. The payment isn’t due until June 9th.

Circle of power and respect started our day today. Then we practiced the three songs that I have identified that we have the most trouble with certain verses in those songs. We then talked about the topic sentence for the paragraphs. (Due Friday) I also gave an outline idea for their Aztec, Inca and Maya oral report. Students then had time to work on their topic sentence or read their independent novel study. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we decided to support the Canadian Red Cross: Flood Relief and Children’s Hospital with funds raised from our play performances. We also went over the technology rules (created a couple of years ago; needs updating in September but it was a concern brought forward from a student at a recent class meeting.) We then went to the gym where we played “Purple Ball’ with the green ball in PE. After lunch, the students had time to work on their passion projects. We ended the day with the first half of the Math4today and then time to work on their Albanesi cards.


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