Monday, April 24

Reminders: Please return the form that indicates whether you will be returning to the school next year as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Lit. Circle Round II due tomorrow. Encouragement Speeches Round II due May 12th. Know Lines and Songs for the play by May 17th. Haibun and Rounds due Friday.

Our class meeting started the day today. We then listened to three songs and then students did the Math4today test and then worked on their Albanesi cards. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we listened to three more songs and then I talked about the sonnet (students do not have to write one) and we talked/sand some rounds. Students do not have to write an entire round but it would be nice if they did. After lunch, we did our second last class of badminton. We ended the day with time for students to work on their science projects. (Due: Wednesday, May 3rd; and that is fast approaching!)


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