Thursday, April 20

Wear green or blue for Earth Day tomorrow! Very important notice home today. Please note that the class organization is based on our projected student numbers that we have received from the district. Our actual numbers in September I’m sure will be different and we will not have to do this particular organization and stay true to the Montessori philosophy.  This is a good thing, the restored contract language will mean smaller class sizes and more help for all of our students. Please return the form that was attached on that notice.

Daily Physical Activity and Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. Students then worked on their literature circles for next week or their Aztec suns while we continued with auditions. We finished the Julian Chapter in the Auggie Stories book before recess and the kids voted to continue with the Auggie stories for read aloud. After recess, the kids worked on Math4today and their Albanesi cards while we finished auditions. The casting is now complete for our play; like I said before keep June 1st free on your calendars. After lunch, we did our song practice for the assembly tomorrow. We then discussed the notice that was going home before the kids were off to French class where the students ended their day.


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