Monday, March 27

Welcome Back!

We started the day by doing just that; we shared something that we did over the break. It was fun to hear what everyone was up to over the break. We then did our class meeting where I informed the kids that they had been volunteered to perform as song along with Division 8 and possibly other classes too, for the Earth Day assembly on April 21st. They took the news quite well and while we were on the topic of singing I told them that the play this year there would be some singing involved. The kids then picked the play The Case of the Missing Paragraph to perform on June 1st. We then watched the song that they would be performing. Earth We’re In It Together  We then watched Michael Rosen do his poem Down Behind the Dustbin. Down Behind the Dustbin We then wrote a few lines for a dog named Bruce and then students worked on their own lines. They were asked to write one line per their grade level for class tomorrow. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did our Math4today and then students worked on their Albanesi cards. After lunch, in PE, we started a badminton unit with the help of some former students. The students ended the day working on their science projects…. either finding a topic… creating materials or actually conducting some tests.


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