Thursday, February 23

Circle of power and respect started our day today. We then were off to Division 10 for their presentation on Surrey Now and Then. It was a play about a family that comes to settle in Surrey in the 1800’s; lots of fun and lots of humour. I especially liked the thought bubbles. We then got back to the class early so I showed them the kindness boomerang video that I wanted to show for Pink Shirt Day. We also had a chance to do read aloud. I was very thankful for this as we missed participating in the Global Read Aloud day last Thursday because we were so busy getting prepared for Global Fair. After recess, we presented for Division 10. After lunch, we presented for Division 14 and then went to the kindergarten classroom to see the wonderful stories that they created using the animals from the Salish Sea.

This evening it was so nice to see so many of you come out to check out the work that we did for Global Fair. It was a very busy evening but the kids are always happy to show their hard work.


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