Friday, January 20

Daily physical activity started our day today. The students then read and gave out their encouragement speeches. I know former students that have kept ones that they received many years ago. I have been very fortunate to hear some really touching ones over the years and this years seems to be off on the right foot. Students then signed into their Pixton accounts where they worked on making a panel or comic that represents Zeus. Some students shared what they had come up with. We will try to do some of the other gods and goddesses next week.  After recess, in Buddies, we read A Perfectly Messed Up Story. Students then worked on making illustrations for happy, sad, excited, frustrated and angry. After lunch, the grade fours were off to write a section of the FSA test and the fives and sixes worked on posters for Pink Shirt Day. (February 22, 2017) Afterwards, when the fours returned some worked on Albanesi cards, some continued with their posters, some read and others chose to do maker space.


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