Monday, January 16

Reminder: Skating forms are due tomorrow!

Our class meeting started our day today. We have voted to have another potluck on Friday, March 10th, just before Spring Break. Students then did Math4today and worked on their Albanesi cards. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, students had time to hand in their museum reflection and start their using Pixton for the first time reflection. We then went over the outline for the Mythology unit that we are going to do. (see below!) We also talked about using the Epic library website. After lunch, we did some dribbling, shooting and passing drills in PE. We ended the day with the kids trying to access the Epic website to read some myths. However, we had a HUGE bandwidth problem and many of the kids had trouble accessing the myths. We might have to go with the good old fashioned book method. (We will try again tomorrow!)




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