Wednesday, January 11

Today was our field trip to the Museum of Vancouver. The class was split into two groups at the Museum for the morning session. The one group did a dig for ancient artifacts at a dig site from either Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus Valley, Rome, Greece, or China. While the students looked at their artifacts and tried to determine whether they met their hypothesis to their question. The other group was looking at the mummy of an eight year old boy that was brought to Vancouver in 1922 by a doctor and then later donated to the  museum. We also talked a little about other mummies and the group that I was with sang the Ötzi song to our group leader. She was very impressed. In the afternoon, we did a scavenger hunt of the permanent exhibit at the museum that looked back at Vancouver through the decades. Fun fact, there were over 19000 neon signs in Vancouver in the 1950’s. The other cool part was watching the kids trying to use a rotary phone.  The other exhibit was a little harder to describe as it brought the works of a variety of local artists to life. The games room was very popular as well as the old typewriter.


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