Tuesday, January 10

Reminder: Please be on time tomorrow. The bus leaves at 8:45 a.m. Just bring your lunch for tomorrow! Dress for the weather, it is supposed to be chilly!

Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. We learned that they have nominated a national bird for Canada, the Grey Jay. We then finished answering our myth questions from the other day and then we read the myth of Theseus and answered questions about the story. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, I told the kids about Pixton Comic Maker. They will get their user name and password on Friday and do their first activity online. We talked about keeping their information private. We then started a Red Herring before heading to the gym where we worked on dribbling and pivoting in PE. After lunch, students started to submit ideas for passion time.  (I have signed some of them but have asked the kids to show them to you, so that you know what they are working on and in some cases with whom they are working.) This will most likely be due just before we head off for spring break. I will talk to the kids about the due date next week. There was also a presentation on Fifa 17. We ended the day with the students doing the Math4today test #11 and working on Albanesi cards.


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