Wednesday, January 4

The students started their day in French class. When they returned to class they worked on a new year’s reflection and goals sheet. (If not finished in-class this should be done for homework for tomorrow.) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did the wrong Math4today, oops!, and then students worked on their Albanesi cards. After lunch, we talked about the three parts of a paragraph– topic sentence, facts, and concluding sentence. We did an example about the Nile River and then students using their Ancient Egypt notes started to write their own paragraphs. They will have one more class period to work on their paragraphs. We ended the day by reading a part of the story Jake Drake: Know it All. I like using this book because it puts the scientific method in kid friendly language. (Observation, Question, Hypothesis, Method, Result, and Conclusion) It also sets up an experiment (method) in a nice with “What is the effect of __________ on _______?” (What is the effect of battery power on a magnet?) We then briefly talked about the three states of matter.


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