Monday, November 28

Our class meeting started our day today. The kids voted today to have another potluck before the winter break. It will be had on December 16th. Please discuss with your child what they will be bringing. Thanks! We then worked on Language Arts. We restarted the Wonder groups today. (It’s been too long!) The other students worked on making words with the thirteen letters from the Hawaiian alphabet and two writing prompts taken from ideas about the story we read in Buddies last Friday. Read aloud was before recess. (We are at a big cliffhanger with Pax.) After recess, we did Math4today and then students worked on their Albanesi cards. After lunch, with Mr. Morrison, in PE, the students played Dr. Dodgeball. They ended the day with time to work on their passion projects with Ms. Sandhu sitting in. ( I was at the Volleyball playday in the afternoon with four students from Division 5…. our two teams placed 4th and 5th! Go Mustangs!)


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