Thursday, November 3

Reminder: No school tomorrow as it is a curriculum implementation day.

We started the day with daily physical activity and circle of power and respect. Students then had time to work on their sentences for making big words. (This week was only x1.) I also had a chance to hear all of the people that are taking part in the Remembrance Day assembly next Wednesday. After recess, we did the 3 things I learned, 2 things I wonder and 1 picture from the Iceman Reborn video that we watched yesterday. There was also a couple of questions to answer about where they would like to explore. (If not finished this is for homework.) We then discussed some of the careers that one could have based upon the video that we watched yesterday. After lunch, we had book exchange and the the students did test #5 for Math4today and then worked on their Albanesi cards. I then did the first collection to better track where the kids are at. We will have a discussion about this on Monday. The students ended the day in French class where they played Loto.


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