Tuesday, October 18

Reminder: Tomorrow is the first day of student-led conferences. Early dismissal at 1:30 p.m.

Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. We then were off to the gym for choir practice. When we returned to class we finished CPR and then students had time to work on their preparations for student led conferences. After recess, more time was given to work on their reflections for the conferences. We returned to the gym where we continued our work on volleying (setting) the ball and we also started some bumping. It seems that we, as a whole, are better at bumping than volleying. After lunch, we had passion time. Many students were finalizing their proposals and getting signatures. There were a few students that did not submit a proposal or had to make a few changes before I would sign off on it. Once that happened, the students settled down to work on their research for their selected passion. We ended the day with some students finishing their reflections for the student led conference and other students that had finished made their first attempt in working on the Albanesi cards for math.

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