Tuesday, October 11

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Please be at the school for 8:15 a.m. so that we can get underway. We should be back by 2:30 but we might be a few minutes late in our return. Please bring a bag lunch!

Circle of Power and Respect (CPR)  started our day today. We then were off to the gym for choir practice. When we returned to class we finished CPR. After recess, we talked about the field trip tomorrow and expectations. We also talked about the next field trip to YVR. Then it was back to the gym where we worked on throwing and catching the volleyball. After lunch, we had our first passion time block. Students were able to use the iPads to research a topic of interest. If you are stuck for an idea do a Google search of Genius Hour project ideas and it should bring you to geniushour.com that offers some suggestions of what other students across the United States have worked on. The proposals are due next Tuesday. We ended the day with a language block where we tried to wrap up the items we didn’t get to last Friday. So making big words, daily language, Pax questions and weekly reflection. I will give more time on Thursday as many students did not complete these.

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