Friday, October 7

We started the day with a little Daily Physical Activity (DPA) and then we were off to choir. When we returned we finished our DPA. We levelled up our character on GoNoodle so we had a vote to select our new character. After recess, we read the story Stick and Stone for Buddies. It is an excellent picture book on the topic of friendship and it is also very funny. The kids then did some activities about the stories but the favourites were the fortune tellers and finger puppets. After lunch, we looked at the lives of Emily Carr and Wolfgang Paalen ahead of our Vancouver Art Gallery field trip next Wednesday. We then did a venn diagram, as a class, comparing two of their paintings. Students then set about making their own abstract piece of art.

Wishing everyone a safe long weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Friday, October 7

  1. Sandeep says:

    For the trip to art gallery on coming Wednesday, I am one of the designated drivers. My question is do we just drop kids to Scott road station or have to stay with them for whole trip? Thanks

    • mountainview5 says:

      If you received a form that says drive only then you would be only driving; if you received a form that says and accompany us then you would be coming for the whole trip as you indicated on the consent form. Thanks!

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