Wednesday, October 5

The students started the day off in French class. When they returned we looked at another source for notes about No Man’s Land. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did Math4Today followed by a place value game “The Biggest Number.” This game was a little trickier as it involved a thirty sided dice and calculating some place value operations. For example if they rolled a three in the thousands it was 3000 but if they rolled a 30 in the thousands it was 30000 and then they had to add the numbers together. We will play again tomorrow and I will have the kids write and read the numbers they created as well. After lunch was our language block. We had some students working on their wonders, others doing daily language, making big words or responding to two questions about a quote from our read aloud novel. Some students were even doing a reading assessment with me. We ended the day finishing off notes for No Man’s Land and with the students reading some primary source documents from World War I. We will finish that activity tomorrow.


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