Tuesday, October 4

Circle of Power and Respect (CPR) started our day today. We then were off to choir rehearsal. We also received the lyrics to a new song, Newfoundland Found by Michael Moore. We finished CPR when we returned to class. After recess, the kids had time to work on their daily language or making big words. In PE, we played ring around the basketball. The kids had to come up with a routine that they thought no other group would be able to repeat. After lunch, we started a conversation about passion time. We looked at an outline that talked a little about what it is and also about due dates. Next week the kids will have time to work on their proposals. (see below) The proposal will be due on October 18th and the final project will be due on December 6th. We ended the day doing Math4today and marking so that we can get started with the Albanesi cards.





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