Thursday, September 29

Reminder: Tomorrow is Orange Shirt Day to remember all the survivors and those that didn’t survive their experience at residential schools in Canada. Also make sure that your making big words, venn diagrams and reflections are complete for tomorrow. The TOC did not write that on the agenda message.

From the day plan for the TOC.

Daily Physical Activity and Circle of Power and Respect started our day today. The students then worked on a pre visit activity for our field trip to the Vancouver Art Gallery. The students did research about either Emily Carr or Wolfgang Paalen. They were then to work on a sketch based on a painting by one of these artists. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, students worked on their place marker for our math card box. If they finished their card then they played a subtraction game. After lunch, the next group of students worked on their wonders. The other students worked on two reflection questions about the two residential school stories that we had read this week or their making big words or venn diagram. The students then shared their wonders toward the end of our language block. The students ended their day in French class.


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