Tuesday, September 27

Reminder: Potluck tomorrow! Healthy options are encouraged!

Circle of power and respect (CPR) started our day today. We then went to choir practice. It is asked that the kids learn the lines to Remembrance Child by next Monday. Next week the kids will receive the second song. When we returned to class we finished CPR and then had read aloud. After recess, we read the story Shi Shi Etko as a spring board for a discussion about Residential Schools in Canada and why we have Orange Shirt Day on Friday. In P.E. we played Hungry Hungry Hippos. After lunch, we watched the video of the Shi Shi Etko story and the a clip about why we have Orange Shirt Day. (see links below) In our language block, we had our first group of students use the Wonderopolis website to explore different wonders. The letters for making big words were also handed out and the kids worked on a venn diagram comparing the book and video. (Both due Friday.) We ended the day talking about what passion time is and what some of the students did last year for their passion projects. The students were asked to think about what they would like to explore for their first passion projects this year.

Shi Shi Etko

Orange Shirt Day


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