Friday, September 23

Reminders: Art Gallery field trip forms are due on Tuesday. There is no school on Monday as it is a non-instructional day. Potluck is now next Wednesday, September 28th!

Daily Physical Activity and our appreciation circle started our day today. We then had a parent come in to do a special presentation on the importance of coding. He talked about, Python, and Scratch. He also showed a Ted Talk from a 12 year old boy that is making apps. (See link below) We then shared our Hungry Lion fill in the blank stories. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, in Buddies, we acknowledged International Week of the Deaf by getting the kids to sign their names and then we looked at the book the Handmade Alphabet by Laura Rankin. The kids then started work on their on their own “hand” made alphabet. After lunch, the kids worked on writing a reflection about their week, their final daily language and their sentences for making big words. If they finished early then  a lot of kids opted to go to the maker space. The kinetic sand is very popular these days.

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