Wednesday, September 14

The students started the day with their first French class and getting to know Mdme. Dycus. When they retuned we looked at the “Change Your Words! Change Your Mindset!” display on the wall. We will continue to refer to it throughout the year. Students then wrote what each part of the motto meant to them. (Work Hard, Have Fun, Be Respectful!) After recess, students worked on finishing their mottos (if not finished then it is for homework.) The students that were finished were able to explore the maker space. We started to look at a current event article about a missing space probe that was found. (Students will be responsible for bringing in their own current event when they lead CPR.) After lunch, we had our first in-class Daily Physical Activity (DPA.) We will use GoNoodle again this year. We then watched two Ted Talks. One was about the Little Bits that we have in the classroom and one was about classical music. (Links below!) We completed a 3-2-1 summary for each of the Ted Talks ( 3 things they found out, 2 things they found interesting or unusual, 1 question they still have. )

Little Bits   Classical Music



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