Tuesday, September 13

Reminders: Tomorrow is quarter day for the Terry Fox Run. Information packages went home yesterday. Please return these forms by Friday at the latest. There a still lots of agendas that have not been purchased, please send $5 if you have not done so already. Thursday is individual photo day. A notice did go home today! Open House is Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

CPR started our day today. We then sorted through our supplies. Students were asked to bring all multiples home today. (For French class students will need one duotang with prongs, one vinyl eraser and one package of pencils to remain in the French class. Their first French class is tomorrow.) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we read an article about manners and then discussed whether we were going to have a list of rules for the class or a class motto. The students decided on having a motto. We then started to brainstorm some different mottos that we could use. In Physical and Health Education (PHE) we played another caterpillar game involving the hula hoops and picking bean bags. After lunch, we finished our motto discussions and voting on the following motto: “Work hard, have fun and be respectful!” We then did the marshmallow challenge.  See link below. We ended the day playing a place value game while some of the students worked on finishing their borders or names for their desks.

Marshmallow Challenge




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