Monday, September 12

Reminders: Information packages went home today. Please return them on or before Friday. Terry Fox Run is Friday. Tomorrow is dime day. Also if you haven’t had a chance to fill in your getting to know you form please do so as soon as possible. Thanks!

Our first class meeting of the year started the day today. We voted to do many exciting things. The first thing on our schedule will be a class potluck in September. More information will follow once we set a date. We then had desk assignments followed by coat hook assignments. The students then worked on labels for each of those things. (If they finished early the worked on their mottos.) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we looked at an article from Wonderopolis on being a good sport. We had a discussion about what that means and then looked at the routine for P.E. class. Students then had more time to work on their name cards. After lunch, was our first P.E. class and we played a variety of different caterpillar games. When we returned to class we did  a little horse algebra followed by the kids playing a place value game.


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