Tuesday, June 14

Due date change: The independent novel is now to be complete and the summary of the main problem and solution will be due on Reading Day, Monday, June 20.

DPA and CPR started the day today. We then had a fabulous of day of storytelling and culture. (Even Mr. C  when he came into the class to pick-up a student said that he wished he could stay because it sounded like some powerful stuff was happening.) All the stories showed the wonderful cultural diversity of our classroom! Not only did we get to hear these amazing tales we also got to see a wide range of art from architecture, to cars, to dresses, to sculpture to paintings. I kicked things off with the story of the Lorelei from Germany, we then heard The Story of Rajini from India, the Sun Wukong (Monkey) from China, and the Story of Lakshmi from India. After recess, we heard the Warsaw Mermaid from Poland, the Story of Annie Palmer from Jamaica, How the Portuguese Went to Kotte from Sri Lanka, Legend of the Shamrock from Ireland and the Legend of the Pineapple from the Philippines. After lunch, we heard the Miracle of the Roses from Portugal, The Birth and Death Myth from India, The Single Braid Road from China, the Butterfly Lovers from China, the White Lady from the Philippines, The Four Dragons from China, The Monkey and the Crocodile from India, the Miraculous Cow from the Philippines and we ended the day with the Legend of the Mango also from the Philippines. I can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s stories and see tomorrow’s art selections.


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