Tuesday, May 31

We started the day with access to the laptops to work on the cultural country of origin project (June 14), travel brochure (June 2) or passion project (June 9). After recess, we had DPA and CPR. In the afternoon, we continued our talk about probability (experimental and theoretical.) Given the theoretical numbers of rolling a die/dice we then played the greed game again and kept a tally of the number of times we rolled certain numbers. (Of course seven did not come up as often as it is expected to.) We then played a game called SKUNK that followed the same idea of keeping track of the tally of the numbers rolled (experimental) and comparing those numbers to the theoretical. (Even with over 200 rolls in total our experimental probability was no where near our theoretical numbers for any number combinations.) We ended the day with students completing a reflection from camp. I am so happy to hear that the students while enjoying a variety of different things, all seemed to have a wonderful time.


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