Tuesday, May 10

DPA and CPR started our day today. We had some catch up time for students that were behind on their shape poem or graphing assignment. Other students were busy painting various things for our plays. After recess, we started to read from the book The Tree of Life. We looked at some of the species that make up the five kingdoms– Animals, Plants, Monera, Protista and Fungi. After lunch, students received a fraction/decimal (grade 4’s and 5’s) or ratios/percents/decimals/fractions (grade 6’s) booklet to work on. These will be due at the end of math class on May 19th. Students should be doing approximately a page and a half a day. We ended the day with students having time to look at various resources to help them with their culture project. (I have seen some interesting stories/myths/legends/fables and can’t wait for them to be brought to life by the kids.) All the while, in the afternoon, we continued to rehearse our plays. One week tomorrow!


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