Monday, April 4

Reminder: Camp meeting tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m for anyone interested.

Class meeting started our day today. Students then had time to work on their science projects. I now know what most people are doing but I would now like to see the project outlines completed so that the testing can begin. After recess, we read the story Guess Who, Haiku and then students started to work on writing their own haikus. Students were to make one about their parents/family, one about nature and one about anything that they wanted to write about. These are due tomorrow. After lunch, we heard a passion project on drawing because the student was away when we presented before the break. Students then watched an episode of Girl Meets World (Girl Meets STEM- Science, technology, engineering and mathematics.) Students then had to complete a 3-2-1 form about what they watched. (3 things they learned, 2 they wondered and 1 picture about what they saw.) Most people finished this in class if not finished please complete for homework. We ended the day with our two student volunteers leading instruction on badminton and the students having an opportunity to rally in groups of two and four. Next class we will set up the nets and play a game.


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