Thursday, March 31

DPA and CPR started our day today. We then finished all of our auditions and non-speaking parts were also given out. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we looked at some alternatives to long division, there was the rectangle and long-long division (although this might be better for students that have yet to master their multiplication tables.) The grade fours and fives then started to look at the traditional long division method and the sixes started with some work with decimal division. After lunch, the students set about quickly signing up for their new passion projects. Please take some time to look over and sign their outlines. I was very impressed with many of the proposals for this third term passion project. The kids have shown tremendous growth over the year. The final passion project will be due on Thursday, June 9th.

Reminder two notices home today. One about the upcoming camp meeting next Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. The second notice was about the upcoming HACE lessons. Please ensure that you read over the form and sign that you have read it. Thanks!

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