Wednesday, March 30

The students started their day today in French class. When the students returned to class we made sure that all of the students that were here today that wanted to have a speaking part had one. We will finish the auditions for all extra parts tomorrow. After recess, two students led us in badminton instruction for P.E. (serving and rallying.) When we returned to class we looked at some of the things that advertisers do (use of music, colour, celebrities, …) to get us to buy their products. Students have been asked to bring in a a food package or advertisement for next Wednesday. After lunch, the students had time to work on their science project outlines. (step 1 and step 2 should be done for Friday.) We ended the day looking at the term ahead for math. In particular we started a discussion around division and how we do long division might not be the same around the world. Also a reminder to check out Khan Academy for videos on the long division process.


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