Wednesday, March 9

The students started their day in French class. While in French class they went to the gym for a performance by the grade seven band. When they returned to class we shared our infographic pages. After recess, we played a tic tac toe running game in P.E. and in HACE we looked at some of the ways that marketing companies appeal to us through product placement, advertising, free samples, etc. We then had a discussion about a time when marketing had affected a decision that we made, our family or friend made. After lunch, we looked at the outline for the science project. I only gave it before the break because if someone wants to do an experiment where growing plants are involved then they might need to start sooner rather than later. The five weeks from when we return should be plenty of time to do the project. We only discussed the first couple of steps in the process. I will set up deadlines along the way but the final project is due on Wednesday, May 4th. (May the Fourth be with You!) The students then had the remainder of the afternoon to work on whatever they needed to finish (passion project or global issues) and some just checked out the pond water. Looking forward to the passion projects tomorrow!


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