Tuesday, March 8

Notice about the field trip to Stanley Park home today. It was supposed to have went home last Friday and that is the reason for tomorrow’s return date. If you could please have that back by Friday it would be fine.

DPA and CPR started our day today. We then talked about auditions for the plays. If passion project presentations end early we will start auditions on Thursday, if not then they will start on Friday. We then looked at an article on internet safety from Wonderopolis. Students then had time to work on whatever they need to finish whether it  was their infographic page, passion project or global issue. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, the girls and boys were separated so that we could have a little talk about the washrooms at school and the improper disposal of sandwiches. We also talked a little about body image with both the boys and the girls. For the entire afternoon students could work on anything they needed to finish.


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