Tuesday, February 9

DPA and CPR started our day today. Lots to share as it was our first day back after the long weekend. I then did the marble lesson with the kids. This lesson talks about the fact that we all have certain talents. It also stresses the importance of respecting everyone regardless of the differences that may exist between you. I also stressed that is why we have class meetings, Circle of Power and Respect (CPR), appreciation circle and now encouragement speeches to promote and strengthen our classroom community and all the richness that the diversity of our group brings to our larger school community. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, students had time to read their literature circle novel ahead of the week three due date tomorrow. After lunch, the grade fours worked with time intervals, the fives continued with area and perimeter and the sixes started work with co-ordinates. We ended the day starting to look at laws, however, the conversation shifted to China and how the government controls many aspects of the peoples’ lives including what they can access on the internet. The lack of freedom on the internet was very shocking to many of the students in the class and many were trying to think of ways to circumvent the system.


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