Wednesday, February 3

The students started their day in French class. When they returned to class I did a little demo of how to go about gathering information for an infographic. In particular, I focused in on how one set of numbers like the 1.8 billion dollar price tag associated with Hurricane Iniki was the same price tag as the gas plant explosion in Toulouse, France and the Stave Lake wild fires in Canada. I also pointed out how the original Jurrasic Park movie was filming in Kaui at the time the hurricane hit and it brought in 1.02 billion dollars in box office revenues. I also pointed out how it was a category 4 storm and the maximum wind speeds. I then showed them comparison speeds for a peregrine falcon and a cheetah. Tomorrow the students will set about selecting a weather event for which they will do more research to make their infographic. They have many events to choose from including hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, heat waves, blizzaards, tornadoes, or dust storms. Read aloud was before recess.

After recess, we did a demonstration for division nine and eleven using the wheelchairs in the gym. We then had some time for our class to play wheelchair basketball. After lunch, in HACE, we started our look at tobacco and all if its negative effects. The students ended the day working on their constitutions due on Tuesday. (I now realized that I wrote Monday on the planner message but it is Family Day on Monday and we aren’t here!)

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