Tuesday, January 26

Thank-you to all our volunteer drivers for tomorrow’s field trip. Remember we leave right after attendance. Also if you have your helmet and skates, don’t forget to bring them!

DPA and CPR started our day today. The students then met for their first literature circle group. Students were to complete a self-evaluation and then hand that in along with their roles. Some students did not complete this so please hand-in tomorrow. Thanks! We then started to set-up our water cycle model. After recess, the students went out and collected their rain gauges and measured how much precipitation had fallen. The class average amongst the nine groups was 19 mm. We then took a closer look at the water cycle model and started to answer questions about the model and the water cycle. After lunch, the grade fours continued their look at time including measuring how much time had passed, the fives with perimeter of irregular shapes and a start with area and the sixes were constructing triangles based on certain angles and criteria. We ended the day with the students having time to record the form of government they are having for their country, including a brief description of what that type of government is and why they selected it for their country. If this was not finished it should be completed for Friday.


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