Literature Circle Roles

Literature Circles- Crenshaw  (EXAMPLES)

Connector: Like Jackson I really love jelly beans. I too really like the purple ones, although the red ones are really nice too. I don’t really like the green ones though, they taste funny to me.

Passage Picker—“A voice in my head said, Never take candy from strangers.”

I picked this passage because I have heard this message so many times in my life. It makes me wonder why on Halloween we always are going door to door and taking candy from people I don’t even know.

Plot Twister: I would have changed the story that they had enough food to play cereal ball or just to eat. Being hungry is such a horrible thing and that is something no one should have to live through.If they did have to play cereal ball I hope that it was something that is good tasting instead of good for you.

Wonderer: What if Crenshaw was a dog? What if Aretha was a cat? What if Jackson liked stories and using his imagination instead of facts? I wonder if Crenshaw is evil.

Predictor: (From C.) I think that Jackson will find out that Crenshaw put the jelly beans in the hat. (This is from a student and I would liked to have had a longer prediction or more predictions.)

Psychologist: I would give advice to Aretha and that would be to avoid Robyn when she wants to play dress up. The poor dog having to wear a hat and socks, it just seems cruel to me. I love dogs and don’t want them to be badly treated.

Journalist: Dear Diary, I think I’m going crazy. Today I saw my imaginary friend surfing at the beach and then some purple jelly beans mysteriously showed up. It was so weird. I don’t know what to do? Am I going crazy? Maybe I should talk to Marisol about it.

Student Choice: Illustrator, word wizard, find more about the author, or???


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