Tuesday, December 8

Remember talk to parent(s) about what you will be bringing to our potluck on the 18th.

We started the day with a quick trip to the music room where Mrs. Tratch went over a song that will be sung by the entire school population. We then did our DPA when we returned to class. We then did several Bananagram puzzles (to make up for us missing several weeks in a row!) Next, we corrected the noun sheet, did the verb sheet together and then the students worked on the pronoun sheet. (If not finished for tomorrow!) Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we did our Hour of Code. Some kids were doing the Minecraft code, others were doing Star Wars, Frozen and some chose to do the Angry Birds as a refresher. (You can keep on coding at code.org!) After lunch, we heard a passion project on how video games have evolved over the years. The students did another multiplication drill and then had time to work on their expansion art. We ended the day continuing our look at Wake Up World. Today we finished our look at how the day starts and then looked at getting to school and started the actual school experience for a few of the kids.


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