Monday, December 7

Our class meeting started the day today. We decided that we will be watching Tomorrowland in addition to our potluck. Students were asked to go home and discuss what they will be bringing to the potluck and a back-up. (We are Nut aware so please be mindful of the four students in the class with nut allergies. Also, when bringing your dish it should be enough to feed around 6-8 people not the entire class.) We then head more of the Passion Project Presentations. Today we heard about Kobe Bryant, a tow truck of future and Michael Jordan. The students then worked on the noun sheet from the Grammar Rock booklet. Read aloud was before recess. After recess, we finished our talk about the three largest Asia Pacific trading partners (China, Japan and South Korea.) We then started reading a book entitled, Wake Up World. The students are to take notes about one of the children as we are reading and then when we are finished reading the book the students will do a comparison of their lives to another child in the world. Today we looked at waking up and a little about the start of the day. After lunch, we did a multiplication drill and then we started our expansion art using the grid system for drawing a Snoopy and Woodstock picture.



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