Wednesday, November 25

The students started their day in French class where they continued to work on their projects. When they returned to class we finished CPR from yesterday and then watched the Grammar Rock videos on adverbs and nouns. Read along was before recess. After recess, after discussing stick safety we played some floor hockey in P.E. When we returned to class we discussed “911” and “AED” and emergencies in HACE. After lunch, the students could work on either their “Wear” in the World or their notes on endangered species; both are due tomorrow. I then shared a letter that the class received from the SPCA thanking us for our donation and then we did a multiplication drill (facts from 0-5). Grade fours had 5 minutes, fives had 4 minutes and sixes had 3 minutes to complete. We then watched the Multiplication Rock video up until the number 8.


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