Tuesday, November 17

The students started their day by looking at different sources for their endangered species project. Tomorrow they will have time to start doing some note taking. We then discussed plagiarism, again, and looked at how to do a basic bibliography. Students then did DPA and we had our read along. After recess, we had CPR and then students had time to work on their drafts for their Secret Knowledge of Grown-ups Rule. After lunch, grade fours continued with patterns, the fives worked with some problems involving patterns and the sixes with some equations. Reminder: test for patterns for all grades will be on Thursday. We ended the day having a discussion about the performance that we attended yesterday, “The Call Went Out and then we discussed a Socials assignment entitled “Wear” in the world. (see attached photo) The first part of the assignment involves the students mapping where various items of the clothing comes from. (Students were instructed to make a list of what countries their clothing items come from; minimum 8 for the 4’s, 10 for the 5’s and 12 for the 6’s.













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