Tuesday, November 10

Reminders: No School Tomorrow: Remembrance Day  No School Thursday: In-Service Day No School Friday: Non-Instructional Day  See everyone back on Monday!

Our Remembrance Day Assembly started our day today. It was a beautiful and very respectful assembly. Well done Division Five! Read aloud was before recess. After recess, in the Library with Ms. Nathan, we did some coding. We used the code.org website to do this, however, there are many coding sites for kids such as  Kodu kodugamelab. Code.org is hosting the Hour of Code that our class and school will be participating in, during the month of December. After lunch, we tried to do our DPA however the technology in the classroom was not cooperating. First we had no sound and then once I had the captions on the video froze. Do some extra physical activity on your own this evening! The rest of the afternoon was spent taking notes. Today the source came from leatherback.org. Once we finished our notes we started to write paragraphs. The one on habitats is finished.


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