Wednesday, October 28

The internet consent form and the $2 donation for the dance are due as soon as possible.

The students began their day in French class. When they returned to class we did the second paraphrasing activity together. # 3 was started in-class but if not finished it will be due on Monday. Read along was before recess. After recess, we started to set up for an atomic 4 on 4 game but the kids needed some more serving practice for volleyball. When we returned to class the kids started work in their new Heart Smart Kids book. ( A letter should have been taken home today with information about this program.) After lunch, we finished our look at the story A Bloom of Friendship. Students then had to complete two of the four boxes on their 4 square sheet. (we did author’s purpose together, they need to do a picture, connection, and new facts = to their grade level.) They will get more class time on Tuesday. In Math, the grade fours worked on subtracting sequences, the fives with identifying patterns and the sixes finished off their pattern sheets.


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