Tuesday, October 20

Reminder: Early dismissal tomorrow at 1:30. There are also 6 students that do not have student led conference appointments. Please make them today by 10:00 p.m. or the system will not longer accept appointments.

DPA and CPR started our day today. The students then had time to work on their forms or practice what they were going to say for their student led conference. (There will be more time tomorrow to prepare.) After recess, we discussed the habitats for a variety of animals. We then read, as a class, about polar, grizzly and black bears as an introduction to talking about adaptations. Students should have questions one and two answered from the sheet. After lunch, the students worked on their final addition and subtraction sheet. (The test on addition and subtraction has been moved to Thursday!) During math time we were called away to the gym to hear a presentation from the Vancouver Giants on the Read to Succeed program. If the students read for 15 minutes and exercise for 30 minutes for the next two weeks they will receive a free ticket to a Giants game. (Must be accompanied by a parent/guardian $11 per ticket!)


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