Thursday, October 15

Important notice home today about the District-wide Inservice Day on November 12, 2015.

CPR started the day today. The students then settled into another addition/subtraction sheet. (4’s 2 digit by 2 digit, 5’s and 6’s 3 or more digits) There will be a test on addition and subtraction next Tuesday. We had the Province Wide Shake Out Drill before recess. Remember Drop, Cover, Hold! After recess, we did DPA and a desk change. We then completed two missing habitats: wetlands and oceanic islands. Students then had the remainder of time to work on sorting a variety of animal pictures into the various habitats with an in-class partner. After lunch, the students were working on getting their passion project outline completed (due next Thursday) or some that had theirs approved were starting work on their projects. The students ended the day in French class.


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