Tuesday, October 13

DPA started our day today. We then finished looking at the global goals. Students were then asked to complete the sheet that had them selecting their top 5 goals and picking a goal or two and how they were going to help achieve that goal. (This sheet is due tomorrow. Many were struggling with the idea of it being something that they would do. For example, some students were saying that they were going to help do a beach clean-up but never made a trip to the beach. Instead, they could say that they would take shorter showers or turn off the TV/Computer when finished with it as steps that they could actually do to achieve one of the goals. Read along was before recess. After recess, we finished going over all of the habitats from the WWF website. Students then received a list of animals and working with a partner will place the animals in their correct habitat next class. After lunch, in Math, I showed the kids the following videos from Khan Academy on adding with regrouping and subtracting with borrowing. (Links below!) I showed these videos to show the kids what was available on the website but to also show them that there is more than one way to show how to do a math problem. I also like the Khan Academy because it has a variety of topics from which the kids can watch videos of someone “Sal” showing them how to solve a problem and they have the luxury of going back and watching the video, pausing it or watching it over and over if needed. The students then continued work with addition and subtraction from the previous day. We ended the day with students having time to work on their invitations for student-led conferences. These should be finished and delivered by tomorrow.




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