Thursday, September 24

Daily Physical Activity (DPA) started our day today. We are using GoNoodle this year! Students have been reminded that they should be getting a total of 60 minutes of physical activity during the day. We then did CPR. The students then continued their work around place value in Math (if not finished then it should be done for Tuesday.) Read along was before recess. After recess, we looked at fact vs opinion. Students then looked at an article about Amelia Earhart. The first time they were given one of four areas to focus on and hi-light the relevant information. On the reverse side, using the same article, students were to hi-light reasons why many people think Amelia Earhart is a hero. (Again if not finished it should be done for Tuesday.) After lunch, during passion time, students were to write down their passions and then for one of their passions they were  to make a number of “fat” questions equal to their grade level about their passion. (These should be done for next Thursday.)


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